Sandblasting is a technological process of surface preparation with synthetic or natural abrasive in pressured air or water stream. Blasting with steel shot or grit in commonly called shot or air-blasting, and sandblasting with glass abrasive – glass beads blasting or shot peening.

Our offer comprises a wide range of abrasives for sandblasting such as: brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, glass beads, glass granulate, ceramic beads, nutshell granules, corn cob grits, plastic shot, garnet, copper slag.



Sodablasting is non-invasive, ecological and environment- friendly type of surface treatment, which does not cause roughness on the work surface. Effectiveness of sodablasting depends among other things on quality, type and size of sodium.
Our product, Sodagrit is a high quality soda intended especially for sodablasting, which guarantees optimal effect of cleaning.

We provide to our clients professional technical consultancy on abrasive blasting depending on type of blasting equipment and the aim of blasting. We also help our customers to make a right choice of available abrasive types and sizes.

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