Product characteristics

Ballast shot is produced in different  sizes and high bulk density.  It is the cheapest alternative to  much more expensive and toxic lead. Ballast shot is non-toxic. Ballast shot is a cast steel or iron alloy with average bulk density about 4,5 kg/dm3. Ballast stainless shot is also available.



  • Bulk density
  • 3,0 – 4,5 kg/l
  • 4,5 – 5,0 kg/l
Ballast shot is used as high bulk density material in production of counterweights for shipbuilding , construction and automotive industry. It is also used for all types of ballast weights.

Additional information

Available sizes

Ballast shot can be produced according to individual customer's requirements. Standard grain size ranges from 0,1 to 7,0 mm.

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