Calcined fused alumina

Product characteristics

Calcined fused alumina is obtained by regular calcination of brown fused alumina at high temperature until a blue color of grain is obtained. This process enables to remove cracks on the surface and inside the crystals and then improves a lifetime of grain. The property of calcined fused alumina enhances the self-sharpening characteristic.



  • Al2O3 – min 95,84%
  • Blue colour
  • Shape: regular, sharp-edged
  • Bulk density 3,96 g/m3
  • MOH’S hardness min. 9
  • Packaging: bags 25 kg, 1000 kg bulk bags
Calcined fused alumina is mainly used in production of precise abrasive tools for treatment of metals and heat sensitive alloys.

Additional information

Available sizes

According to standard:
FEPA: range F 008 – F 1200,
P: range P 012 – P 220

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