Cut wire shot

Product characteristics

Cut wire shot is a long life and wear resistance abrasive. Cut wire shot does not tear into particles like other steel shots and it does not tend to crack into small particles which may be deposited on the surface of work. Cut wire shot does not contain iron oxide coatings i.e. rust on the surface of particles, which are released and transferred on the workpiece. Cut wire shot leaves much less: from 10 to 20 times rust residues on the work surface.



  • Hardness
  • standard: 30 – 45 HRC,
  • type G1, G2, G3 : 610 – 640  HV
  • Specific gravity approx. 7,4 g/cm3
  • Bulk density 3,9 – 4,9 kg/dm3
  • Full range of grain-size, other grades are available on request
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags, 1000 kg bulk bags
Cut wire shot is used for cleaning of steel surfaces, cast iron and cast steel product, descaling and rust removal, de-burring and for shot peening - improving the stress-resistance of metal products.

Additional information

Available sizes

0,6 mm
0,8 mm
1,0 mm
1,2 mm
1,6 mm
1,8-2,00 mm

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