Fibre glass mat

Product characteristics

Constructional fibre glass mat, manufactured from fibreglass type E. Fibre glass mat that we offer is very soft, laying well in the form. It saturates in unsaturated polyester resin. Our fibre glass mat has ability to eliminate air in the lamination process. Laminates reinforced with fibre glass mat have very good mechanical properties and very good weather tightness in a long time.

Fibre glass mat is used in shipbuilding, automotive , construction, electrical engineering and aviation industries.


  • Glass: TYPE E
  • Fibre lengths: 50mm
  • Fibre diameter: 12μm
  • Type of binder: emulsion
  • Standard surface weight: 300, 450, 600 g/m2
  • Standard roll width: 1250 mm
  • For individual customer’s request our supplier can produce mat with other characteristics

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