Product characteristics

Glass microspheres are made of soda lime boric glass. They are in the form of white, free-flowing powder, made of perfectly smooth, spherical particles. Glass microspheres are the filler with increased durability and low density, reducing weight of the finished product up to 30% without the quality losses. Properties of the microspheres reduce considerably the shrinkage of coating while drying, improve their smoothness, flow ability and wettability. Glass microspheres are used as thermal insulator in paints and plasters.



  • SiO2 – 68-70 %
  • Bulk density: from 0,12 g/cm3
Glass microspheres, also known as micro glass balls, microballoons, glass bubbles, due to their exceptional properties increasing volume of the product and at the same time lowering its weight, are widely used as a lightweight filler for paints, plasters, composites, plastic, rubber, thermoplastic materials, thermosetting, structural foams.

Additional information

Available sizes

Average available sizes (µm): 10 – 125.

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