Foam glass

Product characteristics

Foam glass is manufactured from crushed and grinded glass cullet, which is mixed with foaming agent and then heated in a special furnace. Foam glass is an inorganic material, resistant to all chemical substances and organic and inorganic nature. Foam glass is widely used in many industries as insulator.

Building construction
  • thermal insulation, noise insulation, fire proof insulation of flat roofs, walls, ceilings, passageways for pipes, cables, drainage insulation.
  • light concrete, mortar and concrete blocks,
  • self-levelling mortars
  • structuring, renovation, thermal plasters
  • fire resistant mixtures
  • petroleum industry, chemical (insulation of industrial machinery working in high requirements laid down for fire, rust, moisture and effect of acids)
  • food industry
  • energy production
  • seaports
  • drilling units
  • road building (drainage)
  • structural, renovating, thermal insulaating plaster
  • fireproof mixtures


  • SiO2 – 71,70 %
  • Al2O3 – 2,50 %
  • Colour: white cream, grey
  • Specific gravity – 4,2g/cm3

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