Metallurgical silicon carbide

Product characteristics

Metallurgical silicon carbide is formed by composition of silicon and carbon. Metallurgical silicon carbide that we offer is characterised by high quality and chemical purity. Due to high content of carbon, metallurgical silicon carbide can be used as carburizing substance in metallurgical and foundry industry.



  • SiC 88 – 92%
  • Irregular sharp-edged shape
  • Black and graphite colour
  • Humidity max. 1,5 %
  • Packaging: 1000 kg bulk bags
Metallurgical silicon carbide is used in production of silicon carbide briquettes , production of refractories, metallurgy and foundry as alloy additive.

Additional information

Available sizes

0-10 mm, 0-20 mm, 0-50 mm

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