Shot blasting is an abrasive blasting with metallic abrasives in wheel blast or air blast machines. Shot blasting is mainly used for:

  • weld cleaning and surface preparation around welds
  • cleaning the surface of iron, steel, non-ferrous metal castings
  • surface preparation in order to facilitate adhesion of protective coatings in
  • the form of paints of all types, plastics, rubber, sprayed metals
  • descaling and rust removal
  • de-burring, anchor pattern creation prior to coating or bonding
  • surface decorating by matting


High durability is the main distinctive feature of metallic abrasives, and in consequence high effectiveness when the blasting chambers and blast cabinets are used allowing multiple application of the abrasives.

Our coffer comprises a wide range of metal abrasives such as: high-carbon spherical cast steel shot, steel grit, low-carbon shot, chrome stainless steel shot, chrome-nickel stainless steel shot, aluminium shot, cut wire shot, iron grit.

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