Metallurgical fluorspar

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Metallurgical fluorspar is a widespread mineral from the group of halides. Fluorspar is usually violet or green, sometimes it is colourless or white. Flourite-barium veins have particular relevance for industry. Metallurgical fluorspar has ability of lowering the melting point of many other minerals and alloys.

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  • CaF2 85- 88.00 %
  • Melting point: 1420 0C (2588 0F)
  • Specific gravity: approx. 3,18 g/cm3
  • Packaging: 1000-1200 kg bulk bags
Metallurgical fluorspar is used in metallurgical industry as flux, slag trap and in production of aluminium as well. Other types of fluorspar are used in glass industry; in production of hydrofluoric acid and plastic materials; in ceramics and chemical industries; enamel production; optical industry: production of lenses.

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20 – 60 mm
10-70 mm

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