Calcined Bauxite

Product characteristics

Calcined bauxite is a product of raw bauxite calcination which mainly consists of aluminum hydroxide. Calcination takes place in temperature 1650-1700oC in a shaft or rotary kiln. Rotary kiln bauxite has better characteristics than shaft kiln bauxite, in particular higher content of Al2O3, lower porosity and bulk density.


Shaft kiln bauxite:

  • Al2O3 min 85%
  • Bulk density: 2,86 g/cm3

Rotary kiln bauxite:

  • Al2O3 min 86%
  • Bulk density: 3,18 g/cm3

Packaging: 1000 kg bulk bags

Calcined bauxite due to its high fireproofness is ideal for refractory, metallurgy, foundry and steel industry.

Additional information

Available sizes

According to standard:
Metric: 0 – 1mm, 1 – 3mm, 3 – 5mm, 5 – 8mm
DIN: 100

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