Copper slag

Product characteristics

Copper slag is an abrasive produced from granulated slag of Bessemer process.
Copper slag has got irregular sharp-edged angular grains, among which isometric and sword shaped grains are the most popular.
Copper slag is used in open air and in non-automatic basic blast rooms.



  • Sharp-edged shape
  • MOH’S hardness 6
  • Specific gravity 2,9 g/cm3
  • Bulk density 1,5 – 1,7 g/cm3
  • Packaging: 50 kg bags, 1000-1300 kg bulk bags
Copper slag is used for cleaning surfaces made of steel, removing of paint coatings, rust and scale. It is commonly used for restoration of thin and thick steel construction, heavily painted or corroded steel bridges, ship hulls, steel and concrete production platforms, installations on oil fields, pipelines and all offshore and maritime applications.

Additional information

Available sizes

in mm
0,2 – 1,4
0,2 – 2,8

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