Ceramic beads

Product characteristics

Ceramic beads also known as ceramic microgranules are one of the most resistant and pure, mineral, non-metallic abrasives. They have round and smooth grains. Ceramic beads perform 10-12 times higher impact resistance than glass beads. Ceramic beads do not wear and do not break down explosively into many sharp and small particles like glass beads. Ceramic microgranules do not have small sharp edges after smashing like other non-metallic abrasives. Ideal spherical shape guarantees the high level of uniformity of the worked surface.



  • Ball-shaped
  • White colour
  • Chemical composition: ZrO2 60 – 70%
  • Chemically inert
  • MOH’S hardness 6
  • Specific gravity 3,8 kg/dm3
  • Bulk density 2,1-2,4 kg/dm3
  • Full range of grain-size , other grades are available on request
  • Packaging: 25 kg cans
Ceramic beads are used for: cleaning, satin finishing, deburring, uniforming of surfaces made of steel, stainless steel, ferrous metals, aluminium, and for shot peening - improving the stress-resistance of metal products. Ceramic beads are also used as a filler in chemical and construction branch.

Additional information

Available sizes

in µm
0 – 63
0 – 125
70 – 125
125 – 250, EQV B60
250 – 425, EQV .B40
425 – 600, EQV .B30
600 – 850, EQV B20
Bigger sizes in mm – available on request

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