Product characteristics

Mica is a mineral used as additive to decorative effects such as travertine plaster, terra Venetian, clay coating, Japanese plaster, decorative paints and others. Materials containing mica are characterised with unprecedented, delicate sheen creating unique, natural decoration. Mica is a natural product.

Mica finely milled, due to plate structure, chemical resistance, flexibility, softness, insolubility in water, resistance to high temperatures, is becoming more widely used in different industries.



  • Plate mica
  • Colours: pearl, gold, silver, black
As decorative additive to plasters and structures. Filler for road, ship, anticorrosion paints. Asbestos substitute. Mica used in cement products prevents them from cracks.

Additional information

Available sizes

from 0,2 do 20 mm

White finely milled mica.
325 mesh, 400 mesh

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